Hello! My name is Jenpenn but I go by Jenna.
I'm 21 and I currently reside in the UK. This is my personal blog for inspiration, doodles and ramblings. I am known as Cyanatar as an art handle.
If you only want to see my art; block the tag "jentalk"!!
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! All summer. Current to do list and info here!



Thankyou to all that applied! Now the next stage begins :] Anyone who hasn’t got a reply will do so tomorrow! (30/09)

1 day left!!

I’m gettin really sick now, so I’m not gonna check my emails until midnight tomorrow! 

Those that don’t have an answer will do so on wednesday :)

To the person who not only put my commentary back on my picture but translated it to Russian in the reblog

You’re fuckin cool man! I don’t often see my comments translated but when I do that’s really awesome to me.