Hello! My name is Jenpenn but I go by Jenna.
I'm 21 and I currently reside in the UK. This is my personal blog for inspiration, doodles and ramblings. I am known as Cyanatar as an art handle.
If you only want to see my art; block the tag "jentalk"!!
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! All summer. Current to do list and info here!


Some people have asked for process video or livestream of me painting but i rarely record the whole thing in a livestream,

If I was to record a video tho I’d probably make commentary,and it’d be a personal piece. Would anyone be interested in me doing that?

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ohhh I should mention

Commissions are pretty much closed indefinitely as I have a more solid way of making cash. Easier on me and my uni schedule to just make cash this way. Unless you’re a friend or the commissions is interesting enough I doubt I’ll be taking any more.

However on the plus side in september I can open print sales again on my storenvy! Hopefully in august I’ll make some stuff for it to help get some extra cash for Japan. 

So as I get through all the ones I have left, that’ll be it! I’m hoping to try and get all of them done by the 1st august as then I can focus august on my dissertation, uni and personal stuff. Thankya for all the help with the commissions, it meant a bunch. Anyone waiting you’re incredibly kind, and I’m putting my best into them c:

This heat is too much
There’s no cool air, it’s just dense heat and humidity. I can’t focus and my poor laptop is in heating overdrive.

Fuck this weather seriously summer sucks sometimes.