Hello! My name is Jenpenn but I go by Jenna.
I'm 21 and I currently reside in the UK. This is my personal blog for inspiration, doodles and ramblings. I am known as Cyanatar as an art handle.
If you only want to see my art; block the tag "jentalk"!!
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! All summer. Current to do list and info here!

Finally got my Ghibli museum ticket sorted! I’ve been waiting for confirmation and I finally got it now.

Also I’m also wondering what to do while in Japan. There’s SO MUCH I can do but I wanna ask you guys (if any of you have been to Tokyo). Have you got any suggestions to what I can do in Tokyo/Osaka?

Feature week!

Hey guys! Since art wise I’m a lil quiet right now due to working on work and commission stuff, I figured this week I’d try a feature week. 

So for the next 7 days I’m gonna show off either my friends or people I admire! Probably 1 or 2 a day. Gonna try and cover a bunch of stuff so look forward to it c:

artist guilt


when you want to draw but youre too stressed to do well on commissions and too guilt laden about the commissions thing to draw personal art so you just become an ouroboros of procrastination and anxiety

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blergh things are going wrong tonight, and I keep redoing numerous commission pictures cause I take pauses and think I can do better. Think I’m gonna call it a night and start off better tomorrow x_x

boringmu said: I’ll be there next month, for Tokyo game show~

Ah! Enjoy your trip :D If you find any cool places to visit let me know!! 

Seeing all these tokyo restaurants is making my mouth water
Really can’t wait to spend tons of cash in food joints ;_;