Hello! My name is Jenpenn but I go by Jenna.
I'm 20 and I currently reside in the UK. This is my personal blog for inspiration, doodles and ramblings.
If you only want to see my art; block the tag "jentalk"!!
COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED INDEFINITELY. Current to do list: http://jenpenn.tumblr.com/commission

I made a website!!

Granted it’s not my own, but I built it from scratch. It was a great learning experience and I’ll be definitely using what I learned for my own website launching in the summer! c:


'Pixel' art





‘oh boy new pixel art on my dash lets see what their pallet was like’



How does this even happen?

by saving as JPG


Wanted to chime in here, the JPG thing isn’t even the issue or reason why. This post is to highlight the issue with oekaki being mislabeled as traditional pixel art, in that there is no fixed pallets and gradients are used heavily.

In the example I used to get that colour count, excessive gradients were used and no limited pallette was applied. This happens a lot!

Aww, would have been great to meet you, but that’s totally understandable! Good luck!

Likewise man! If you ever come to the continent (i.e Belgium) in the future come say hi anytime. Enjoy your time in England! :]

It’s looking like I won’t be able to attend either MCM convention this year, which is a shame but ultimately I’ve had to prioritize my time and spending.

With Japan in October being the biggest obligation, and decorating my Belgian home in June, expenses are tight. Once uni is over after the next few weeks I can make income again and save up for both things :] Either way I hope people that do go enjoy it!

websites are haaard

Man this is intense work but it’s nearly done now..thankfully!!

nyteshay: Do you have any other sites where you post your work?

Currently I have a website in construction but otherwise I stick to tumblr, twitter and sometimes deviantart c: Both under the name Cyanatar