Hello! My name is Jenpenn but I go by Jenna.
I'm 21 and I currently reside in the UK. This is my personal blog for inspiration, doodles and ramblings. I am known as Cyanatar as an art handle.
If you only want to see my art; block the tag "jentalk"!!
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! All summer. Current to do list and info here!

Flat cg’s are all done! 
In order, characters belong to Bri , Javier and Ryan ! Thanks for the support you guys :]

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    Aaaaaah! These are all great! I love how you rendered Celie’s hair! ;o; She looks so angry, it’s beautiful. Thanks,...
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    *U* LOOKIT MY BABY KAM OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS I AM A HAPPY BRI!!! Jenna is the best artist man, you all have no idea, go...
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